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100% Yaupon Holly Leaf, USDA Certified Organic. North America's only native source of caffeine. Wild-picked in the Southern US. Contains health-supporting antioxidants and compounds, like theobromine and theophylline. Naturally sweet, never bitter. Healthy caffeine: jitter-free stimulation without the crash.
What Is Yaupon Tea?

Yaupon tea is a healthy, all-natural alternative to soda, coffee, and other sources of caffeine. Many types of caffeine make you feel jittery and anxious, causing an "energy crash" later in the day. Yaupon tea gives you the energy that you need without over stimulating your system.

This tea is fortified with natural antioxidants and nutrients that keep you active throughout the day. And unlike other varieties of tea, Yaupon tea has a naturally sweet taste that makes it perfect for breakfast and afternoon breaks.

What Makes Yaupon Tea a Great Caffeine Alternative?

Most caffeine sources are heavily processed and made with added sugars. Yaupon tea is 100% natural, making it a healthy alternative to the iced coffee and soda that you might keep in your fridge. When you drink a cup of Yaupon tea, you're getting the natural benefits of pure tea leaves that are loaded with antioxidants. 

In addition to Yaupon leaves, our teas are fortified with other ingredients like lemongrass, raspberry leaves, licorice, fennel seeds, and ginger root. Our Yaupon leaves are handpicked from wild areas in the southern part of the United States. Now you can enjoy the benefits of Yaupon tea with none of the drawbacks you get from processed caffeine.

What Do We Sell at Yaupon Tea House + Apothecary?

Our selection of Yaupon tea includes loose-leaf teas with various health benefits. We offer teas that boost your immune system, improve your cognitive functioning, aid your digestive system, and help women dealing with menstrual pain. We also sell traditional Yaupon tea for people who want to enjoy the pure taste of Yaupon without any added ingredients.

 Start improving your health with a daily cup of hot Yaupon tea!

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