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Native Yamacraw Greetings,

For thousands of years going back in time, before the first Cairo Pyramid was built, Native American Tribes in Georgia used special sacred drink. Later sharing it with other visiting cultures, including Mayan Tribes and the founding of Colonial Savannah in 1733 between two peacemakers, Tomo Chichi and James Oglethorpe, in sharing a vision for new world peace. With time, this drink of peace was forgotten, between the pages of history books, that were never written.

Three hundred years later at Lafayette Square, in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, I had the incredible opportunity to meet Mr. Lou Thomann, both the Yaupon Tree Expert and Medicine Man. Mr. Lou possesses incredible knowledge and wisdom about the Native Yaupon Tree, discovering ancient drink variations for spiritual, healing, energizing, cleansing, soothing, regenerating and relaxing use, and that's where the real story begins...but, you need to ask him about that!

If you want to purify your body, mind and soul, or experience the uniting feeling you get when you're at the Olympics, World Cup, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, NBA Championship or Woodstock, visit Savannah's historic 26 squares and stop by Yaupon Teahouse + Apothecary. Connect to our peaceful native history through thIs amazing, ancient drink. Welcome kindness and the true tea of peace!

Doctor Lou, thank you for this amazing experience! While I'm reading about Native American tribes, I can drink your special historic Native Yaupon, how cool is that? Thank you for bringing back our native culture through this special tree! We can regain our lost native history, one leaf at a time!

And to you, visitor: if you're there at the right moment, you might be able to taste another treasure, like Creek-Mayan Yaupon-Cacao drink, or explore other Yaupon gifts and see this beloved native tree in person. In short, welcome to Savannah!

Peace, Grace, Love, Compassion and World Peace,

Robert Anthony, "Eagle Peace Warrior" and historian of Native American tribes of the South 


"I first met Lou and his family out on Ossabaw Island and introduced them to Yaupon tea. Lou was very intrigued, loved the tea, and quickly began serious research into every aspect of the plant's biology, cultural history and uses. Within a short while he had become the most knowledgeable person that I know on the subject of Yaupon. Lou is now the expert I go to for any and all information about Yaupon, its lore and natural history!! He has brought an ancient sacred plant back into the public’s awareness, and he is making it available for all of us to enjoy!  Thanks Lou!!!" - John “Crawfish” Crawford, naturalist


"I started using the Skin Revive and Hemp Oil Salve for my lower back arthritis and within two days, I couldn’t believe the improvement in my pain levels. Combined with stretching, it is the first time I have been pain free in months." - Andrea M.


"I have used CBD products for years to manage pain and the Yaupon 5x Hemp Oil is the best I have ever tried. Not only does it manage my pain, I have never slept so soundly as when I use one drop before bed." – Craig


"I love the Yaupon Mint Tea as a staple, and the Chai Tea Bar Soap. It’s probably all I'll ever bathe with! I was delighted with how soft it left my skin and the mild scent is nice, too. Your shop is a little treasure and treat in Savannah. Thank you!" - Tatiana


"I stopped into the store after I was drawn in by the calming decor. I was given a tour, the history of Yaupon and its use by the Native Americans that lived in the Southeast.  I especially love the Yaupon Kombucha and the Herbal Beard and Face Oil." - Paden


"I love the Soothing Eye Serum and Daily Facial Oil. Great local, natural products. Super helpful." - Charlie 

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