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Organic beauty and bath products use ingredients from natural sources such as plants to achieve ideal healthy body and hair care results. Ideal natural bath and beauty products contain high-quality butter and oils that condition and soothe skin and hair. When you use organic beauty and hair products, you enhance your skincare without exposing your skin and hair to harmful artificial chemicals.


Beauty and bath products made using harmful chemicals can have an adverse effect on the environment. During the manufacturing process, the artificial chemicals get exposed to the air and water, polluting the ecosystem around the facilities.

Here at the Yaupon Teahouse & Apothecary, we wild harvest our Yaupon on our Regenerative Agriculture farm, using restorative farming practices. We dry & roast our Yaupon tea leaves on the farm in our family run facility. This way, we offer traceability and transparency so you know where your products come from. And, as you can see, this is truly a chemical free, natural, sustainable and honest process- bringing you the best Yaupon for you and the planet

Water containing the synthetic bath and beauty products may contain toxic chemicals that might harm Mother Nature when drained down. By using organic bath and beauty products, you avoid contaminating the water and air since they contain organic ingredients that become part of the environment again upon their return.

At the Yaupon Teahouse & Apothecary farm, we use water from our deep well aquafer. The Floridian aquafer produces the purest water on the planet. With our clean beauty products, you can be sure the water used in our process is pure.

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Body and beauty products manufactured with harsh artificial chemicals can cause skin irritations and breakouts. Fillers, artificial colors, and chemicals present in makeup and skincare products stir up skin irritation and redness that can leave your skin worse than before.

Customer feedback from our products attest the purity of our clean beauty skin care products. We use only the highest quality, pure ingredients in all our lovingly made products.

Some synthetic skincare products contain harmful chemicals that can have dire consequences in the future. Without harsh irritants or chemicals, natural beauty and body products calm the skin, moisturizing and softening it using organic ingredients that enhance our skin's health.

Reduces Allergic Reactions

Most synthetic body products contain allergenic compounds that can irritate the skin or invade the sinuses. Body products containing chemicals such as vinyl acetate and butoxyethanol can lead to respiratory tract, throat, nose, eye, and skin irritation. If you experience chronic skin allergies, your beauty and body products might be the main culprits. By changing to organic products such as Yaupon Sweet Tea Bar Soap, your allergies can improve significantly.

At Yaupon, we prioritize creating safe products for our clients. Our products such as Sweet Tea Hand Wash and Ancient Detox Tea Bath come with naturally scented fragrances resulting from natural sources. This trait ensures that our products are free from causing allergic symptoms such as runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing.

Switching to natural body and beauty products will make your skin healthier and reduce your chances of getting chemical and allergy-related skin issues. Even better, organic plants contain enormous moisturizing power that boosts the skin's moisture level and firmness. If you are interested in reaping natural skin and beauty benefits, browse our selection to find the best solution for your skin’s health!

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