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Yaupon Coffee Alternative/Substitute

Is Yaupon Coffee or Tea? IT'S BOTH!

Our native Yaupon tree can be consumed as coffee or tea. Yaupon contains the phytochemistry of tea and coffee. Yaupon has chlorogenic acids and caffeine of coffee while also providing the benefits found in green tea and black tea.

For centuries the indigenous tribes of the US and the early settlers enjoyed Yaupon's great taste, it's stimulating benefits and natural abundance as a tea-like, coffee-like beverage. 

Enjoy our latest offering of Yaupon K-Cups and decide for yourself - are you drinking coffee or tea or both?

Yaupon will give you a jitter-free focus while metabolizing in your body gently, honestly, and naturally for an experience the ancient's understood.

Includes 100% Ground Organic Yaupon in 12 Recyclable K-Cups

Brewing Instructions: Select the 8 ounce size, press the brew button, then add your choice of milk, or drink black.

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