Ancient Detox Tea Bath 3oz.

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Detox Bath Salt 3 oz
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Sea Salts are filled with macro and trace elements (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) that are bio-available to our bodies and necessary for our health.  The magnesium and potassium found in sea salt can be drawn into the bloodstream during a warm bath to eliminate toxins and balance the entire body.  Salt is essential for sustaining the hydration levels of the body and is extremely vital to maintain the electrolyte balance for the smooth functioning of the human organ systems. 

Additionally, Sea Salts Baths can:

  1. Build immunity: the minerals in sea salt boost our resistance to illness and disease.
  2. Increase energy: Magnesium, found in sea salt, is especially important for managing our stress response and fighting fatigue.
  3. Soothe muscle injury and aid in chronic pain relief: Magnesium-rich sea salt + warm bath water can help relieve muscle spasms and aches.
  4. Promote sleep: the changes that occur as your body transitions from a warm bath to cooler air can actually help improve sleep. 
  5. Improve skin health: Salt soaks help remove impurities from the skin and balance skin moisture levels.
  6. Boost overall health: Studies show that baths can improve our health in general by boosting circulatory and nerve function.

Directions:  Add entire contents directly, or in a cotton sachet, to hot bath water, let steep 2-3 minutes.

Contains:  Dead Sea Salt, Atlantic Sea Salt, Yaupon plus a detoxifying essential oil blend.

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