Holly Smokes!

Holly Smokes!

Yaupon Holly is “America’s forgotten medicinal plant”. In addition to its many traditional medicinal uses, it was smoked. Often blended with other herbs, both Native Americans &  southerners enjoyed smoking Yaupon. In the lower Mississippi, an early French trader  witnessed a Native Medicine Man smoking a large “stogie”  containing Yaupon and other herbs. It was reported that the Medicine Man would go “Comatose” for a couple hours before revealing his recommended remedy or treatment. 

Historical accounts also suggest that Yaupon was blended with Lobelia Inflata, Nicotiana Rustica (wild tobacco) and Dogs tongue. Lobelia contains a nicotine like compound and was used to wean people off cigarettes. Nicotiana Rustica seems to have been an enjoyable smoke in the south. Dog tongue or Deer tongue may have been added for its sweet, vanilla like flavor. It seems, yaupon was paired with whatever, suitable herbs were nearby the Yaupon.

Favoring Herbal Smokes over Cigarettes & Vapes, we are re-creating some ancient practices by offering Yaupon Holly Smokes as an alternative. Our blends are both old and new and meant as “intentional” or ceremonial smokes. For example:

Peace Pipe (Yaupon & CBD)- Smooth smoke that will chill you out and may help with sleep. Good as an anti-anxiety smoke.

Vison Quest (Yaupon & Lobelia)- Smooth smoke that chills and energizes depending on your need. 

Dreamweaver (100% Yaupon )- may induce lucid dreaming, sleep or energize depending on your need.

Pause (Yaupon & Catnip) Female smoke. Good for digestive issues, anxiety, menstrual cramps and balancing female hormones.

These remedies are based on some historical data and feedback from current patrons. We don’t make any claims -we’re just trying to figure out how these may be a good alternative and possibly helpful in these recommended ways. 

Yaupon is an amazing plant with a rainbow of complex compounds. Our mission is to rediscover this lost herb and craft amazing wellness products from Yaupon. We aim to maximize the chemistry of this plant through our tea, skin & beauty products.

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