Give yourself a Yaupon DIY Facial

Glow, repair and hydrate with this winning combination as you turn your daily hydration routine into a mini facial with the jade gua sha massager.

In (Dec 27, 2020) Jessica Defino wrote that after trying the Yaupon Daily Facial Oil, she “may never love another oil again”.  It’s that good.

Why?  The blend of jojoba, hempseed and grapeseed oils naturally absorb into the skin without feeling greasy.  The formula absorbs completely and feels so lightweight it can be worn under makeup, even on a hot summer day in Savannah.

In this formula we make use of the yaupon stems and leaves which are naturally detoxifying due to the caffeine which stimulates flow of blood and lymph.  Applied to the skin, the natural antioxidants in yaupon fight free radicals which offset environmental stress to leave the skin healthy and glowing.

Pump a few drops of the Daily Facial Oil in your hand and you instantly smell the Frankincense. This is tempered with calendula, chamomile, rosehips and lavender.  The blend of essential oils offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, astringent, and anti-viral benefits – whew!  The results are reduced appearance of fine lines, faster healing of the skin and brightening effects.

Adding the Jade Gua Sha Stone, new to Yaupon Teahouse + Apothecary, enhances the benefits through massage.  Gua sha is an ancient Chinese tool used to gently massage the skin which promotes circulation and drains the lymphatic system.  After the first try many report “less puffy” skin.  Just like the caffeine in the daily facial oil, the massage helps you internally detoxify through increased circulation and lymph flow as well as nourishes through increased oxygen intake in the cells.

How to create the DIY facial experience at home:

  • Start with clean, damp skin.
  • Pump 6-7 drops of the facial oil into your palm and gently pat on the face, avoiding the eyes. If needed, apply Yaupon Soothing Eye Serum to the undereye area.
  • Using the gua sha facial stone, massage the face with gentle outward strokes. The gu sha massage stone is shaped to fit the different contours of the face.  Use the broader side for the cheeks, the smaller shapes will work well on cheek bones and around the eyes.  Continue with the massage until the oil is absorbed into the skin.

Tag us on Instagram with a picture of your DIY facial @yauponteahouse

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