Yaupon Tea Espresso Style (1 lb.)

Yaupon Teahouse
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Yaupon Espresso (Best Coffee substitute). Use our fine ground Yaupon espresso to make the best coffee substitute ever! Use an espresso maker for the best result or a French Press. Add milk of your choice to smooth out the taste. You will think you are drinking coffee! Forget the “hard on you” acidity of regular coffee. Yaupon herbal coffee has all the phytochemistry of green tea and coffee - all in one. Jitter-free experience with theobromine for a pleasurable lift!

Contains:  100% USDA Certified Organic Wild-picked Yaupon Holly Leaf.

Light Roast - Green Tea Style Yaupon Holly Tea

Dark Roast - Dark, Full Body Yaupon Holly Tea

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