We Believe that Yaupon is Here to Teach US Something, and we want to share that lesson as best we can.

HEALTH: Yaupon has grown here on this continent long before any humans were living here. Native tribes here drank it medicinally and socially, finding its natural caffeine to serve as a reliable source of stamina and focus. 

SUSTAINABILITY: We are picking this Yaupon right here in the South. We harvest in such a way that does not harm/kill the plant, in fact it often stimulates more growth, thereby making it a truly sustainable resource. 

LOCAL:  No ocean-crossing involved!  By drinking Asi Yaupon Tea instead of Chinese Green Tea or Brazillian Yerba Mate, we are reducing the American Tea carbon footprint because this grows right in our backyard.

Ecological sensibility is a core concept of who we are at Asi Tea. Truly, we see our tea products as a means, not the ends. 

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