Ten Benefits of Yaupon Tea

At Yaupon Tea, we have been singing the praises of Yaupon for more than 12 years when Lou and Lori first learned about Yaupon during a nature hike on Ossabaw Island (GA).  Our founders are passionate about the healing properties of this “purifier”, as the natives called it, and creating modern products using this ancient healing plant.

Ask 10 people how they benefit from Yaupon and you may get 10 different responses.  This is because Yaupon holly is an adaptogen. Adaptogens help the body adjust to stress – physical, chemical or biological – and aid the body’s return to a balanced state.  We all have stress, but it affects each of us in a different way – for one person it could impact digestion while another person may experience fatigue.

Can Yaupon holly help your body fight stress?  Make a cup of your favorite Yaupon ASI tea and check out the graphic below with 10 health benefits of Yaupon holly:

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