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Yaupon + CBD No More Aches Roll on .35oz


Relieves Pain.  On-the-go. Improves circulation.

Organic Yaupon with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Roll-on is perfect for the person on-the-go with its convenient applicator.  Alleviates cranial, neck & shoulder tension, sore muscles & general aches.  Active Yaupon provides Theobromine & Theophylline to stimulate soft muscle tissue and improve blood circulation.  Direct, targeted relief for joint pain, sore muscles, nerve pain, swelling, bruises and headaches.

Directions:  Roll on finger or apply directly to areas of the body needing relief.  Apply on neck, back, shoulders, knees, feet or anywhere else as needed.

Contains:  Yaupon Leaf & Berry Infused Oil*, Olive Oil*, Calendula Flowers*, St. John's Wort*, Arnica*, Prickly Ask Bark*, Hemp Flower & Leaf Extract*, Peppermind Essential Oil*.  (*Organic)

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