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Yaupon Herbal Smokes


Yaupon was long used as a tobacco-like herb.  Native American medicine men smoked Yaupon in order to evoke visions, dreams and sleep.  Holistic diagnoses were often the result.

We are trying to replicate the ancient ways of blending Yaupon.  Native Americans and Southerners blended Yaupon with wild tobacco and other local herbs.  Sold individually and in packs of 5.

Available in 4 varieties:

  • Dreamweaver:  100% Organic wild-picked Yaupon.
  • Pause:  100% Organic wild-picked Yaupon + Catnip.  Smoking catnip, a member of the mint family, tends to warm the entire body.  While it has an intoxicating effect in cats, the opposite is true of humans, producing a sense of calm and relaxed tranquility with mild euphoria.  Additional benefits of smoking catnip include:  improved sleep, boosted digestion, stimulating menstruation and relieving toothaches.
  • Vision Quest:  100% Organic wild-picked Yaupon + Lobelia.  Lobeila ( helps soothe tensed nerves, eliminates toxins, eases muscles and improves the blood flow in the human body.  It is often used to bring down blood pressure and reduce heart rate.
  • Peace Pipe:  100% Organic wild-picked Yaupon + C.  Inhalation of C provided greater bioavailability, meaning the user absorbs more.  Benefits include a sense of well being and calm.  Sold under a separate sku.

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