Jade Facial Roller

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Jade rollers, used with a serum/oil or alone, are a great way to improve circulation of the skin and improve lymphatic drainage - both will make you less puffy.  Additionally, rolling can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

For added benefit use with the anti-inflammatory Yapon wellness products:

  • After applying the Soothing Eye Serum use the small end of the roller around the eye area.  Using medium pressure roll from the inner eye to the outer corner of the eye 10-15 times on each eye.   On the side of the eye roll up and down in short strokes.
  • For the face use with the Yaupon Daily Facial Oil.  On the forehead use the larger end of the roller, rolling from the center towards the ear 5-6 times each side.  For cheeks and jaw, also use the larger end and roll from the chin towards the ear using medium pressure 5-6 times each side.

For an extra treat, store the roller in the refrigerator.  The coolness not only feels great but also helps with puffiness.

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